I would like to sing a beautiful song if I could—so beautiful, I’d sing it all day long, perhaps I should. Oh-oh-oh how fun it would be, specially if you’d all sing with me.


I would like to fly all over the world and radiate my glow—fly so high the whole world would see it show, from head to toe. Oh-oh-oh how fun it would be, specially if you’d all fly with me.

But, I’ve got survivor’s guilt. I’ve got it bad—learned from a very young age to hide my joy amidst the sad. Now there’s a man over there—cardboard sign and a shell-shock stare. I want to give him some food. Can’t tell if he’s able to chew. There’s a child inches away, suffering injustice everyday—something I can’t erase so I erase myself.

I would like to board the everything cause but I haven’t the fare—so I set my course on deflate and despair, then go nowhere. Isn’t that what I’m supposed to do—just read the paper and listen to the news?!

I would like to grow a garden of charms with loving arms—ridiculous to reach for an antidote to harm. Isn’t that what I’m supposed to think—we’re on a boat destined to sink any day?!

I’ve got this overwhelm pinch, resignation rash. Got to learn the ways of the sacred inch, got to take out the trash. Need some choice beyond win or lose—bear down, beat down or muster through. Got to keep up on the current clash. Got to soothe my lifelong identity gash.

Got to figure out a way to be myself no matter what you say. Got to see myself as you and keep my separate selfhood too— it’s all true.

I would like all things to be accurate and fair but human routes don’t fit that neatly inside a square. Isn’t there a passageway for a pure desire to hold universal sway?

I would like to host a healthy and wholesome fight, with moves that dare embrace both sides into the light. Isn’t there a full-spectrum chance to fall into an earth-wide romance?

How to cope with this messy morass, how to keep my heart open when you close your own fast, how to face discomfort with ease, I wish one song could do the deed—culture the notes in the ultimate key, open up room for the you, the me and the we.

I would like to sing a beautiful song

if I could

so beautiful I’d sing it all day long

perhaps I should

oh-oh-oh how fun it would be

specially if you’d all sing with me…


composition, vocal, guitar: Pamela Sackett
instrumental, vocal: Guy Nelson
vocal: Gwen Haw
sound mix: Daniel Sackett 

©2005 Pamela Sackett
all rights reserved