If I could greet you, here, myself, I’d extend my hand at perception’s door and I’d tell you, with my voice, I’m grateful for your choice to visit me, on my very own native shore.

You know, I’ve had us on my mind so very much of the time…seems inconceivable and it’s absolutely true. I consider what and how we feel, what and how we think; I consider what and how we move essential, through and through…and you?

 Ps explorer on globe

My core affiliation…
Emotion Literacy Advocates
Founder, Principal Artist, Producer

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Home of our original multi-arts online curriculum on behalf of ELA
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My Alma Mater’s affectionate pats on the back:
“150 Victories for Humanity” list honoree
(Antioch’s 2003 Horace Mann Awards event )

Antioch University Seattle’s Distinguished Alumni Award 2013

my Antioch AWARD CAKE 2013
Antioch University Distinguished Alumni Award reception cake, 2013


 Emotion Literacy Explorer image on globe-light:  Daniel Sackett