Welcome writers! Here are my verses…a glimpse into my responses to the heartbreakingly perplexing world-at-large and excerpts drawn from my body of work.

Designing a sequence of pieces for my presentation that taps into current and vintage timeframes of my writing life, especially now, was an eye-opening process showing me, once again, that words—especially ones that are highly nuanced and metaphorical—can be contextually flexible, while sustaining emotional tones.

I compose, choose and fit the pieces together intuitively, sensing a mix of  perceptual angles, moods, structures and rhythms, always with the impetus to discover and convey, communicating within myself, first, then to my listeners.

The pieces are organized in the same order that I will present them to you.

I look forward to meeting and working with you!

warm regards,


I. Swept (spoken verse) 

II. No Return (song)

III. Centuries Hence (spoken verse)

IV. Who Needs What?  (script excerpt)

V. That Buzz (spoken verse)

VI. Lotus Blue (song)

VII. Bent (monologue)

VIII. Unchosen (spoken verse)

IX. Passageway (song)