After I save the world, there will be some confusion at first because I am going to alter the entire language, that is to say I will incite a gargantuan semantical overhaul.

When people say they make lots of profits, they’ll really mean they make eye-to-eye contact with everybody they see on the bus, in the streets and on the freeway and upon making that contact, they understand the roots of each individual’s personality, including their own, what makes them tick, how different each individual is one from the other and yet how much the same and they’ll really mean they feel a primal connection to themselves and every man, woman, child creature that walks the earth, swims the waters and flies the air.

When people say they are successful, they’ll really mean they understand how to see through to the heart of every matter, no matter what the matter, and their communication to the heart is from the heart, for the heart, by the heart taking all of the heart into full consideration, with the utmost of their conjunctive mind, first and before other more obvious matters.

When people say they won, they’ll really mean they unfolded another layer of life within which they discovered a missing piece of themselves and that missing piece directly corresponded to the ones closest to them and how wonderful it is to know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that all life has a connective pattern that reveals itself at every turn and that everybody has their turn…at the same time.

When people say they are the best, they’ll really mean they resist competing with anyone ever because they know that all competing is really a divisive act cooked up by none other than those two feuding hemispheres of the brain who never did get along and are, nonetheless, perpetually in search of one another.

When people say they love you, they’ll really mean they understand the nature of reflection and they claim full responsibility for their initial perception of themselves, through you, after which time they will be fully prepared, willing and able to be the object of your reflection, in kind, while bearing witness to any perceptions offered up by post-reflections, and will do everything within the realm of human possibility to see to it that all past, present and future projections standing between themselves and the other will be acknowledged, clarified and held forth as hard core evidence of a static force perpetuating the undifferentiated ego mass, ensuing forthwith, but not for very much longer.

When people say they are boldbrave and beautiful, they’ll really mean they recognize the subtle, insidious ways they were taught to ignore their most tenderest of feelings, will rally their forces and champion each and every one of those feelings just exactly as a super hero would in gallantly freeing all, each and every one, enslaved by hunger, war and poverty.

Of course, I might have to come up with a little instruction booklet because we wouldn’t expect people to know or even automatically default to these meanings, without a little guidance. Naturally, all sense of time, commercial practices and energetic output would have to be measured accordingly which would shift our sense of values which would take some doing. But, we wouldn’t want to do too much on the first day after I save the world.

If all goes as intended, patience will remain a virtue.


Saving the World Solo excerpt

© 2004 Pamela Sackett
all rights reserved