The following videos capture actors delivering monologues from my Two Minutes to Shine series (Samuel French, New York), including a couple excerpts from my Q & A’s with audiences, at Seattle’s beloved Elliott Bay Book Company’s TMTS author/actor events.

I apologize for the un-slick quality of these vintage videos, hoping you will receive the signature essences of our collaborative endeavor. As mentioned in the videos’ red curtain narrative, these clips were originally posted on YouTube, some of which can still be found there.

To view, simply click the screen or player arrow. Thanks!

“For Me” starring Timothy McCuen Piggee (TMTS Book III, page 8)


“From Scratch” starring Molly Lyons (TMTS Book II, page 13)


“My Bags”starring David Klein (TMTS Book II, page 24)


“Lucky Guy” starring Bonnie Cohen (TMTS Book II, page 16)


“Plenty” starring Timothy McCuenPiggee (TMTS Book II, page 41)


“Just That Way” starring David Silverman (TMTS Book III, page 7)


Here are two different Q & A’s between me and the audience after eight or nine actors delivered pieces from the book series. First, after performances from TMTS Book III.


Q & A for TMTS Book IV author/actor event.