Her eyes / her walk
she smiles / I talk a while
she squints / I squawk
she sways / I cough
and pile up all my comments / I swear them to silence—now!


I trip and fall / I hem and haw / she doesn’t know I have to go cuz
she’s changed her detergent and I am allergic—pow!
so beautiful her clothes / they clog my nose so I—
must keep my distance / scents so insistent—ow

what’s in that rose / noxious chemicals I s’pose
they never end / they never bend
and she wants to hug me / I know it would bug me—and how!

so we must part
as friends
perhaps I should lend her my brand
it cleans without poison
the natural choice can—so well, it’s swell!

she might take offense / that makes no sense / it’s not her I’m rejecting
it’s her choice I’m deflecting—it’s so foul!

maybe next year / I’ll have no fear to say
do it my way / wish I could say that now

composition, voice, guitar: Pamela Sackett 
recording engineer, mix: Daniel Sackett
 image: Giacinta Mazzoccone Vosika

*please see this Grinning Planet article for the safest laundry product tips…
…your nose, nervous system and neighbor will thank you…I will thank you profusely!