Sometimes I am free
to notice beauty in purity
I can see him there
 from my balcony
 with his curly hair
and his crinkled nose
my young neighbor Romeo

but now
I must turn
to adult matters 
of serious concern— public relations

thanks for the call back
yes I do think what I know could benefit your group
I could send you the link to my bio
our web site’s quite 
the jam-packed soup
culture, history, art, the mystery?
depends, of course,
 how they’re defined
yes I’m Jewish
 though I don’t practice
but I think we’re still aligned
oh I see your board of trustees requires your guest Jews
 to speak Jewish biblese
yes that poet’s nationally known
excuse me I have to get off the phone

can you come down and play
I got a new lizard today

I want to show it to you
can we go to the park
did you cut your hair
can you let me in
whatcha doin’ up there?

but now 
I must turn
 to adult matters
 of serious concern— family relations

did she hear me when I said I see blue and you see red
did she hear me when I told her that she could cry on my shoulder
does she even want to see the way she clips 
her deep feelings
does she know it’s hard to wait outside her locked and rusty gate
how I wish we could be closer
how I’ve tried with all my might
doorbell’s ringing
, it’s my neighbor
five year-old sweet charge of light

see those orange petals said he
the flowers, ya know, they 
talk to me
see my new blue jeans
and my blinking shoes
—I can run so fast
, I wanna race with you
I can read your thoughts too

but now
I must turn
to adult matters
 of serious concern— world relations

no I wouldn’t say they’re “greedy” or “evil”
or “needy” or “malicious” or “cruel”
I just wish we had better words to tell our hearts they’re being refused
yes we’ve got giant companies to chase
what about the details
 in that one’s face
yes, we’re threatened
 by some huge force
yes we have to organize of course
no I can’t move that frozen boulder
I’m a little bit wiser and a whole lot older
but I can imagine, pray and reckon my way of living, every second

see those birds, said he, flying up and all ’round me
see those flying things, 
I can hear them sing 
as they flap their wings
I can hear them saying hurray to the moon

and now 
I must turn 
to adult matters
 of serious concern— child relations!



composition, vocal, guitar: Pamela Sackett
vocal, instrumental: Guy Nelson
sound engineer, editor: Daniel Sackett