It’s the people, not the birds
it’s the people flying words

the people, not the sky
the people casting eyes
it’s the people
why oh why
the people, the broken ties

it’s the people, not the water
the people drowning in fodder
it’s the people, the appetite
throwing up day and night

the people, not the earth
the people, the muddy thirst
it’s the people, people pain
the people, people brain

it’s the people that I know
the people that I don’t
it’s the people that I won’t…ever

it’s the people, not the wind, blowing out, blowing in
the people on-ing and off-ing
the people and the scoffing

the people and the need
the people spreading seeds
rows and rows of people rumpus
ever-present the elusive compass

it’s the people and their nature
not quite named by nomenclature
the people far and wide
the people born and died

and from the people, I confide, from the people I ran
the people, it’s the people, the people that I am…