If I find you down the road
if I greet you toe-to-toe
if I reach you, will you grow like a flower


if I meet you eye-to-eye
if we bless us to the sky
if I ask: can we fly
any hour

trumpet man
your story is bountiful
kindness eyes
your years are shouting
from the sea
the sea, the sea, the sea

is it all a vaporous dream
I shan’t be fooled by the machine
we are more than what we seem
in soft light

when I heard your sweet horn sing
I thought it rose from a random screen
but you are real—
a wondrous ring
gentle might

trumpet man
hope dances on your sleeve
please alight and play your music
for thee, for thee, for thee

take a chance, when chances cry
one by one, one of a kind
a moment starts, this moment shines

say hello & say goodbye
with your gaze and soulful sigh
trailing echoed notes
alive amongst the trees

trumpet man
the forest fills with your sound
trumpet man
will you come back around

oh when, oh when, oh when and then…







composition, melody, guitar: Pamela Sackett
heavenly harmony: Nalini Lasiewicz
recording engineer: Daniel Sackett

© 2018 Pamela Sackett
all rights reserved