I turn to the Bern
lucky one
brave and strong

I turn to the Bern
principled one

his hands tell the story
he cares enough to be worried

his voice might get frazzled
his know-how and conviction
always dazzle

I turn to the Bernsolid one
on solid ground

I turn to the Bern

humane being
right here to be found

his heart is a marvel
moving mountains
swimming rough seas

his arms stretch out to reach us
embracing you, embracing me

I turn to the Bern
confident one of visionary might
I turn to the Bern
read the fine print, by his light

his spirit sweeps dark corners
reminding us how it can be
he lifts up we mourners
calls us all to be free

I turn to the Bern…trust, confide, aim high!
I turn to the Bern…neighbor-relate, participate!
I turn to the Bern…join the tide, rise inside!

Melody, lyrics, vocals: Pamela Sackett
Recording engineer/editor: Daniel Sackett
Song free to use with attribution to support Bernie Sanders. Please share!
 “Turn” presented @ the March 2016 WA caucus
© 2016 Pamela Sackett